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Welcome to Evolve

I am Rachael. I live and work in private practice as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist in Measham, Derbyshire. My life has been focussed around relationships both personal and professional. I believe this to be central to a fulfilling life and I also recognise it is an area where we can struggle and experience difficulties.

Personally, I enjoy a rich variety of interests and endeavours. I encompass a holistic lifestyle and continue to be fascinated by the mind-body links. I welcome new opportunities to grow, change and develop. I have a passion and desire for learning. I am interested in communities and cultures and how these can enrich the lives of people and foster a sense of belonging.

I provide a safe, comfortable and boundaried space where you can explore and evolve into the life and space that you want and deserve. Together we can discover what is working for you in your life and what may no longer be working. We can enhance your decision-making abilities and provide support with making changes. Alongside this, embracing self-care and self-compassion are key to embedding and integrating decisions which enhance and improve life.

I welcome enquiries and opportunities to be alongside those who wish to evolve in this way.